I have had seven years of emergency nursing experience in a busy Brisbane-based hospital with a fabulous team. Prior to this I worked in ED as an Endorsed Enrolled Nurse for four years and in aged care for five years.

Whilst doing remote nursing over the past few years, friends that I’ve made along the way suggested I do a placement with RAHC. It was the supportive nature and high level of organisation which got me across the line and starting an application.

As time approached, I was looking forward to my contract in the Northern Territory.  I had heard it is an interesting and challenging environment at times. However, I enjoyed every minute of my placement as I felt I was fully prepared for the clinical and cultural aspects. Although I felt that I didn’t need further assistance, you can always request a Remote Educator to assist you with your transition to remote healthcare and adjusting to the clinic and community life.

There were certainly challenging times throughout the placement as the health centre where I was working was short-staffed at times and there was an on-call component. Another challenge of the placement was assisting to set up a new, smaller clinic as well as relocating a large clinic involving some after-hours and weekend work and.

However, that can be the nature of remote nursing and you learn to go with the flow. Personally, I love a challenge and still believe that I learnt something, on a personal or professional level, each day.

The people I’ve met along the way is a huge highlight for me as I love to meet new people and more often than not I’ve stayed in contact with them. We follow each other’s journey and it feels like a support group for remote nurses – it gets even better when you end up on a contract together, if the opportunity ever arises.

If you are thinking of doing a placement short or long, go for it, just be courageous, take a friendly attitudem a willingness to learn and a big smile. Go for gold. 

Would you like to share your RAHC experience with other Health Professionals? We are always looking for RAHC Health Professionals to tell us about their experience, by preparing a RAHC story. If you are willing to share your story, please contact your Placement Consultant or email us.