RAHC Clinical Manager Emma Thomas and Clinical Coordinator Tony Lane recently travelled to the RAHC Central office in Alice Springs. Amongst their day-to-day tasks, they took the opportunity to visit Santa Theresa and Yuendamu to catch up with a few of RAHC’s Health Professionals (HPs).

In Santa Teresa, Emma finally met long-time RAHC HP Moses Mukwidzwa and Clinic Manager Jason King face-to-face. 

“Due to COVID-19 and placement schedules, I haven’t had the opportunity to meet all of our RAHC HPs face-to-face. Travelling to community and health services is a great chance to 

see first-hand their commitment to the health and wellbeing of each community. It was a real privilege to visit Santa Teresa and meet with Moses and the team,” says Emma. 

Moses toured Emma through the clinic and walked through his day-to-day responsibilities. Whilst in community, HPs are often required to take on several different roles, including in men’s and women’s health, emergency, chronic disease and child health. 

The return drive from Alice Springs to Santa Theresa is approximately two hours. 

Before returning to Darwin, Emma and Tony also visited Yuendamu to catch up with husband-and-wife RAHC HPs Asani and Rachel. Whilst in community, HPs often work throughout the surrounding area. On this day, Rachel and a student nurse were in Yulumu, an outstation approximately 45 minutes from Yuendumu. So, after catching up with Asani, they continued their travels to Yulemu before returning to Alice Springs. 

For RAHC, taking the time to regularly visit health services and meet with the clinic teams and RAHC HPs is extremely important. It allows us to strengthen our relationships and offer further support where it’s needed.