The Remote Area Health Corps (RAHC) is seeking images or videos from Health Professionals (HPs) to post on our social networks. We would like to see what your life is like on placement, such as the operational experience within the clinic, your interactions with patients, or the environment in and around the community (ensuring the area is not sensitive). 

There are a few things to be aware of before you start taking photographs or filming. Below are some basic rules to follow. 

  • Speak with your health centre colleagues about the use of cameras in the community. If there is an issue with using photographic equipment, then you must respect this rule. You may find that once you become more familiar with the community, your opportunities for taking photos will improve. 
  • Be courteous and always get permission from the person you are photographing or recording before taking a photo. Just as you would not like someone coming into your home and taking photographs or recording your family and your belongings without permission, it is the same for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. 
  • Be aware that sacred sites around the community will be off-limits to you. Taking photographs of these sites without permission is strictly forbidden. 
  • Do not walk around the community taking random happy snaps of everything you see. Always collect signed permissions before you take photographs of homes or campsites. 

For RAHC to publish your videos or images, we require a signed media consent form from the individuals included in the shot. When taking photographs or video recordings of children aged 18 or under, you are required to get signed permission from their parent/guardian or legally appointed decision-maker. Similarly, if you are taking photos or recordings in the health centre, you must gain written permission from the clinic manager. 

To gain appropriate written permission, please arrange for your subjects to fill in the Media Consent Form. The form will be emailed to you by your Regional Coordinator alongside your travel details before your placement. If required, you can request additional consent forms by contacting your Regional Coordinator. Otherwise, you can access them through your RAHC login portal. 

Please return the completed form to Remote Area Health Corps with the accompanying images/recordings via: 

Email [email protected]