Brucella suis has been detected in feral pigs in the Daly Region, marking the first case detection for the Northern Territory. Whilst Brucella suis is typically associated with pigs, the disease can infect humans. It can cause severe illness and, in some cases, be fatal. Transmission is linked to the hunting, butchering or consumption of feral pigs. 

The average incubation period is 20 days, though it can vary from five days to months. Symptoms may include:

  • fever and sweats
  • joint pain

  • weight loss and anorexia

  • malaise

  • headaches

  • arthralgia, myalgia and back pain

  • depression

Brucella suis is a notifiable disease. The NT Centre for Disease Control (CDC) must be notified of cases. For more information about Brucella suis, read the latest NT Health Alert: Brucellosis suis in pigs in NT– implications for human health, visit the NT brucellosis suis information page or contact the RAHC Clinical team.

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