Experienced professionals to get you prepared

REs are very experienced remote area nurses skilled in supporting health professionals who haven’t worked in a remote setting before.

They’re available to teach, mentor and professionally support you on any level to transition to remote practice.

REs help you to put the primary healthcare needs of the community at the core of your placement. They make sure you have cultural awareness, clinical orientation and thorough skill mentoring.

How your RE will support you

Your RE will contact you before your first placement and guide you through your first steps in remote health.

For the first 5 to 14 days of your placement, they’ll make sure you’re not alone as you transition your skills and knowledge to a new environment.

They’re always available to answer questions and build your skills, knowledge and confidence.

Clinical and community orientation

Your RE will orientate you to the clinic, community and processes that you will need to know for your work.

24/7 service

As your RE will probably live with you while you’re on placement, they’ll be there to explain things, guide, encourage and mentor you whenever you need them.

On-call buddy

REs stay with you while you’re on-call to help you understand and carry out this service safely.

Tailored support plans

You can request your RE to help you create an individual support plan. The RE will base the plan on your experience and conversations with the health service.

Support plans may include

  • using the patient data systems – PCIS or Communicare
  • using specific medical equipment
  • where and how to resource information and support
  • using the CARPA manual any other processes you might be unfamiliar with.

Engaging an RE

Our clinical team will contact you and discuss your RE’s role before your placement.

We provide REs to all RNs who are going on their first placement.

If you’re a GP and would like to request an RE, contact our clinical team.