Apply to join RAHC

To get involved with the Remote Area Health Corps (RAHC) please apply as set out below. RAHC uses your application as part of its credentialing process. We may request additional information to complete our credentialing process. Once you are successfully credentialed, we can seek opportunities for placements with health services that suit your skills, experience and availability.

Please note - applying with RAHC does not mean you will be credentialed nor offered placements. Your application allows RAHC to credential you, so when successful, we can contact health services and identify appropriate placements that suit your skills, experience and availability.

Step 1 – Enter your basic details

Enter your name, email address and profession. At this stage you will automatically be set up with an online profile so you can save your application as you go and return to it at any time to continue.

Step 2 – Check your eligibility

On this page we ask you several short yes/no questions to determine whether you are able to apply with RAHC according to the requirements set by our stakeholders. If you do not meet these requirements we encourage you contact the RAHC team directly to see if we can work through the requirements and come up with an alternative approach.

Please be aware that RAHC cannot provide visa sponsorship or assist in your visa application process. You must already have the right to work in Australia to be eligible to apply with RAHC.

Step 3 – Complete the online application form

If you are eligible to apply, you can proceed to this step. Enter your personal and professional details, including your qualifications and the basic details of two clinical referees.

Step 4 – Upload your forms and documentation

Upload your forms and documentation or select to send them in later by email, fax or post.

Step 5 – Submit your application

The final step is to submit your application. A RAHC team member will contact you within three business days to discuss your application. They may also discuss any other forms or documentation the clinical team may require in order to undertake the credentialing process.

Items marked with an '*throughout this application are compulsory to complete.

If you are ready to apply to join RAHC, please begin by clicking the 'Apply now' button below.